Tongoys Photo Gallery

The ready-made construction kits are just the beginning. You can use the parts to build almost anything. We have collected pictures of things users have built. You find them and a couple of prototypes from the development of Tongoys here.

Let yourself be inspired to build your own fun things!

Castle that became a desk with extra storage space


Bokhyllan Tongoys
Tongoys the bookshelves


Tongoys® kiosk
Tongoys candy stall


Tongoys® blomaffär


Bord med hyllor
Desk with shelves


Multimedia bench


TV- och stereobänk
TV- and stereo bench on wheels


Prototyp av säng
Prototype of bed


Borg med vindbrygga
Castle with drawbridge


Prototyp av lådbil
Prototype of car


Tidig prototyp i liten skala
Early prototype in small scale


Prototyp av bord och stol
Prototype of table and chair


Belastningstest av prototyp
Stress test of cabin :-)


Prototyp av låda med hjul
Prototype of box on wheels

Skalmodell bredvid prototyp i full storlek
Scale model next to full scale prototype